Acknowledgments and Credits

Penn Book Bazaar is a project sponsored by the Undergraduate Assembly (UA) and the Interfraternity Council (IFC). (See the UA-IFC Textbook Exchange Resolution.)

This website is powered by open source software Open Classifieds. The system is further modified and developed by Cynthia Ip (UA) with help from Michael Chen (UA), Zeke Sexuaer (UA), and Jonathan Haski.

Credit is due to Jeff Lipman (IFC) for coming up the idea of a textbook exchange.

Content is written and edited by Michael Chen (UA), Cynthia Ip (UA), and Andrew Staniforth (UA). The name Penn Book Bazaar is a direct result of the genius of Michael Chen.

Gratitude is due to the following individuals for reviewing the system and providing feedback: Alec Webley, Charles Gray (SCUE), Christian Lunoe (IFC), G.J. Melendez-Torres (UA), Jeff Lipman (IFC), Michael Chen (UA), and Tyler Ernst (UA).