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Foreskin swingers forums

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Foreskin swingers forums

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Foreskin Forum This Sexy pussy crossville is intended as a place to discuss the uncircumcised penis and all aspects thereof to include opinions of the functionality of the foreskin. It is a serious issue for discussion and comment. Foreskin swingers forums heterosexual activity, the mucosal surfaces of the glans penis and foreskin move back and forth across the mucosal surfaces of the labia and vagina, providing nontraumatic sexual stimulation of both male and female. This mucous-membrane-to-mucous-membrane contact provides the natural lubrication necessary for sexual relations and prevents both the dryness responsible for painful intercourse and the chafing and abrasions which allow entry of sexually transmitted diseases, both viral and bacterial. For the longest time I wondered why many guys I knew would reference lubricants and lotions when speaking of or joking about masturbation…as if these things were synonymous with masturbating.

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